320-meter 4-bedroom penthouse for sale in Velenjak neighborhood

Tracking number 120999994074
Date 1399/10/18
320-meter 4-bedroom penthouse for sale in Velenjak neighborhood
The total amount of the penthouse is 48 billion tomans
The amount per square meter is 150 million tomans
Age of newly built apartment
Specifications and features included
This apartment has 11 floors and 6 and 5 units
Its unit is on the 11th floor
Total number of units: 58
There is an Iranian-Persian health service
It has parking
It has a warehouse
It has a balcony
Status / type of single-leaf residential document
To the south property
Kitchen hood OPEN gas desktop lighting twin sink MDF cabinets stone flooring
Facade of stone building
Cooling and heating system of the cooler heater
Sports Facilities Sauna Jacuzzi Shared Shared Pool
Security features Remote control door Anti-theft video door iPhone
Common courtyard recreational amenities
Other sleeping facilities
Description The building is newly built.
A short conversation with the esteemed buyers of the property
All the efforts of this despicable buyer include the following points.
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At the end of the propaganda slogan of this despicable sentence.
We have made the purchase of property easier and more efficient.
Your advisor and constant friend Majid Rajabian.
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